Monday, July 13, 2009

Historic Street Gardening

Of course the Village was always known as being bucolic as well as literary.

Describing an early Village Salon...

Finding their place too small, the Gilders moved in the fall of 1888 to 55 Clinton Place, later renumber 13 East Eighth Street. Richard Gilder referred to it as "our new old home; for it is one of those old-fashioned New York houses in the neighborhood of Washington Square (just back of the Brevoort) which taken in and make immemorially comfortable and at home the newest comer." The Gilder's salon moved with them to Clinton Place. Their daughter, the novelist Rosamond Gilder, remembered giant wisteria that covered the facade, "filling the rooms in springtime with the r of its blossoms, and in summer with the coolness of green leaves"

Around Washington Square By Luther S. Harris
page 143

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